Letter from Robert C. Pfeffle, DMD President, SSOMS

Dear SSOMS members:

I hope you are all faring well with the personal and professional adjustments we are all going through due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is already having a profound impact on our lives. Hopefully, we will see some resolution of this terrible problem in the near future.

The Board of the SSOMS met via conference call on Monday, March 15 to discuss the 2020 annual meeting scheduled for April 22-26 in Key West. In light of the growing pandemic, it is obviously not possible for us to proceed with this meeting as planned. Hank has been working diligently on our behalf and was able to provide a good option for us to consider related to the meeting.

The Key West meeting will remain at the Casa Marina resort but will be moved to August 19-23, 2020. Fortunately, the entire schedule for the meeting in April will be seamlessly transferred to the new dates in August. Also, our speakers, Drs. Eric Carlson and David Powers are available as well.

While this date was necessary due to other scheduling conflicts, there are actually a number of benefits to having the meeting at this time:

  • This will be coming out of the busy season, so hotel rates and airfare will be lower (airlines are allowing current tickets impacted by the pandemic to be changed without any fees).
  • The weather in August is more predictable and generally calmer allowing fishing, watersports, and other tours to be scheduled more easily.
  • The crowds in Key West will be smaller, allowing more flexibility with dinner reservations and sightseeing
  • And those wonderful breezes for which Key West is famous will mitigate the slightly higher temperatures!

Hank will be sending you the details regarding procedures for transferring registrations to the August dates in a separate email shortly. Please respond promptly as we have some important deadlines to meet to protect our position in this matter.

Hopefully by August, the current crisis will be resolving, we will be winding up a busy summer, and we all will be ready for some relief in the Conch Republic!


Robert C. Pfeffle, DMD