Pay Dues

You can now pay your dues online by clicking here.

  • 2020 SSOMS Dues – $275.00
  • Life members, retired members, and honorary members are $50.

The Board of Directors decided to charge our life, retired and honorary members a fee to help offset the administrative office costs. If you choose not to pay the $50 for Life, retired and honorary members, you’ll be placed on the inactive roster.

If you feel you may be eligible for dues exempt status, please remit your 2020 dues and DOWNLOAD and COMPLETE the DUES EXEMPT STATUS FORM. Once this form has been signed and returned to the SSOMS office, it will be presented to the Membership Committee and the Executive Board for approval at the next annual meeting. Applicants for life status must remit dues through the year in which they become eligible. Retired members must remit dues through the year in which they are elected to such status.