Annual Scientific Program: Vincent Perciaccante  2020
Anthony Morlandt  2021
Martin Steed  2022
Constitution and Bylaws Ivo Miller  2020
Samir Joudeh  2021
Credentials and Membership Vincent Perciaccante 2020
John Spann 2021
Don Tillery 2022
James Henderson 2023
Historian Teresa Biggerstaff
Necrology James Strull
Future Sites Jim Henderson 2019-20 WV
Samir Joudeh 2020-21 SC
Board Liaison to Future Sites & Local Arrangements Rick Kinsey
Health Care and Legislation
Budget and Finance  Kim Swanson, Chair
Peter Waite
Task Force on Recruitment & Retention
Past President’s Board Liaison Lee Allen, Chair
Nominating Committee
Recreational Activities (Golf Chair)
(Fun Run Chair)
(Tennis Chair)